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Your Idea, Connected.
Search through user profiles to find team members or edit your own profile. AddEm is the perfect way to get in contact with students who need people just like you. Manage your work, manage your resume, or just manage your connections. AddEm brings it all to you.
Browse resources such as local events, articles, and webinars that can help advance your project idea. AddEm brings those resources to you, depending on the project you are facilitating. Top notch resources are brought straight to you.
Upload your project idea to begin collaborating or look for projects that you can contribute to. Create your dream application, website, or even startup. We're here to bring your ideas to frutition.
With your help, AddEm will become a directory of projects from around the globe collaborated on by the people that you want to work with. Whatever it is that you've been thinking up, AddEm can help make it happen. Each user with the skills you need will be able to search your project, and you'll be more than able to pump your project to the top of those listings.
Looking for the perfect way to get an edge up on the competition in your field? AddEm's project database is the perfect place for you to find just what you need to take your portfolio to the next level. Whatever your skill set, there is someone out there who needs that particular skill to make their dreams happen. You could easily be that person.
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